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Importing F.A.Q

What is the ordering procedure?
How long does delivery take?
Who do I pay?
How do I pay?
How much do I have to buy?
Who arranges delivery to my premises?
Can I develop my own range?

What is the ordering procedure?

The ordering procedure is as follows:

1) Place order
2) Order confirmed and approximate shipping date given
3) Pay deposit (where required) or set up letter of credit
4) Product is manufacturered/despatched
5) Receive invoice
6) Pay balance of invoice
7) Receive original documents
8) Container arrives at UK port
9) Pay freight costs and VAT
10) Container delivered

How long does delivery take?

This depends on the product/factory you are dealing with. Some furniture, for example, the Furniture Origins range, is in stock and therefore only takes around 7 weeks for delivery. This is roughly the time taken for the ship to sail from China to the UK. Other items are made to order and have to be planned further ahead.

Who do I pay?

In most cases you pay the factory directly for the furniture and then you pay the shipping costs for the freight costs. Orders for the Furniture Origins ranges includes all delivery costs.

How do I pay?

Under most circumstances payment is directly made to the factory that is making your goods. Usually this payment is made in US Dollars. Payments for the Furniture Origins ranges are made in Pounds Sterling.

There are 2 main ways of making payment:

1) Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Your bank transfers the money directly into the factory`s bank account. Usually a deposit of between 30-50% is paid on order and the balance on shipping.
2) Letter of Credit. Your bank issues a Letter of Credit to the factory`s Bank which guarantees payment transfer on a certain date agreed by both parties. This is a less flexible and more costly way of making payment.

Shipping costs

The costs of shipping are often paid separately, directly to the shipping company. There are many different shipping companies who can be used. As we arrange the shipping of many containers we will advise you which shipping company to use and the costs associated. However, you are welcome to nominate your own shipping company.

The shipping company will also arrange the onward delivery from the port to the final destination.

How much do I have to buy?

Furniture is shipped in containers; the containers come in 3 sizes.

20′ holds approx 28m³
40′ holds approx 60m³
40′ high cube holds approx 67m³

The quantities you have to buy vary from factory to factory. For example, the factory that supplies the Pacific and Sienna ranges allows you to mix any quantities of product as long as you fill a container.

Other factories will make your furniture on a massive production line and will require a minimum quantity of each item to make it cost effective. When enquiring about a product you should indicate the volumes you will be buying in order so that we may put you in touch with the right factory.

Though containers are available in 3 sizes, it is far more economical to use the 40′ containers as shipping can account for a large proportion of the cost price of bulky furniture items. And the shipping cost of a 40′ container is only about 40% more than a 20′ container.

Who arranges delivery to my premises?

The shipping company will contact you when your container is due in. They will require the original shipping documents which are sent to you once the payment to the factory is arranged.

You will then send the shipping company a cheque to cover the shipping costs and the VAT. Once the container arrives in the docks you have roughly one week to arrange receipt of your container. If you do not accept your container in this time you will incur "demurrage charges" which accrue on a daily basis. Delays in payments will also prevent onward delivery from the port.

The container is then delivered to you at a mutually convenient time. You will need some bolt cutters and plenty of help to unload. Unloading must be carried out in approximately four hours.

Can I develop my own range?

Yes you can, see the product development page.

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